Alternatives to American cheese for Making Great Cheese Burgers

Cheese is without a doubt the foundation of a great delicious burger. A perfectly cooked fresh patty with cheese slices and some topping is all that takes to be make a good burger.

However, when we talk about the best cheese for a burger the majority of people will say “American cheese” and we can’t disagree with that. American cheese slices have been dominating the burger cheese market for a while now. The way it perfectly melts and blends onto the patty without creating a mess, for a burger lover like me, it’s hard not to fall in love with it.

American cheese is not the ONLY cheese that tastes great in a burger. Eating the same cheese, again and again, I personally feel it’s not justice to our taste buds. Life is about enjoying the different varieties of things, especially foods. It’s not like if we choose other cheese for a burger, it won’t taste as good as American cheese.

Yes, every cheese has its own unique taste you can’t expect the taste of American cheese in cheddar cheese. So, what is the alternative of best cheese for burger apart from American cheese?

Well, if you explore the market or just the internet, you will end up with a decent amount of list – Cheddar, Parmesan and many more, but today I want to share you my best cheese for a burger – Swiss cheese.

I have found something just as great as American cheese and I won’t be surprised if you say you’ve never heard about a burger with Swiss cheese.

Eating the same thing again and again, even trying the same recipe that’s not for me, I always love to try various combinations of food. So, thanks to this quarantine I was bored of American cheese and decided to try something different like Swiss cheese on my burger and rest is history. Let me share you why I love Swiss cheese so much and what you all have been missing.

Swiss cheese slice – The best alternative of American cheese in Burger

If you love fondue, Swiss cheese is the most popular cheese to make fondue. The soft texture and enhanced flavor after melting are what makes Swiss cheese perfect for fondue, as well as a burger.

When I tried Swiss cheese for the first time in a burger, the taste I had during my first bite is hard to explain. The nutty and sweet taste, a perfect blend with the patty due to the presence of moisture in the cheese, I never felt sad for the absence of American cheese.

The additional benefits I found while using Swiss cheese in my burger was the taste of caramelized onion. I was so surprised to find a cheese with a taste of onion, and the extra onion taste is always welcome on my burger.

The ooey-gooey taste of swiss cheese will let you experience the heavenly taste with your burger. This natural and light cheese is definitely one of the best cheeses for a burger. So, next time when you plan to go shopping, don’t forget to add Swiss cheese slices on your list.