Top Seafood Spots All Over the World

The tradition of eating seafood dates back as far as stone tools. Sea plants and other edible components of water bodies are plentiful in the ocean, making them a great source of protein for people of all ages. Nowadays, humans can venture to the most remote locations and discover some of the world’s best seafood spots. Take note: the prices of these spots vary wildly. You should take note of these and check out these seafood spots!


Since the coronavirus outbreak began in March, shelter-in-place orders have been in as many as 30 states, including California. As a result, most restaurants have closed or drastically reduced their offerings, limiting their options to delivery and takeout. This has had a tremendous impact on the seafood industry. In some cases, restaurants have closed entirely, but others have reduced their menus to just seafood. 

Neptune Oyster, a local restaurant, uses fresh fish and seasonings from the surrounding waters. The cuisine is a fusion of old-world seafood and new-world techniques. This Bostonian seafood institution was one of the first restaurants to open in the city. The Barking Crab is an excellent example of this, serving a unique version of lobster soup. This dish is served with whipped potatoes and a Champagne truffle sauce.


If you’re a seafood lover, you’re probably not surprised to see several entries in the list of cities with top seafood spots. Not only is seafood an essential part of the American diet, but many people are also drawn to its alluring taste. However, if you’re not a coastal dweller, don’t worry; inland cities are just as likely to host top seafood spots as seaport cities. 


For the best fresh seafood, head to New England, home to several top spots. Some of these cities include Boston, Rockland, Georgetown, and Seabrook. If you have time to visit, you may also want to visit Boston, the oldest city in the United States. Seafood is widely available in Boston, including at the historic Old Spud restaurant in the city center. In addition, many other restaurants specialize in seafood.


The cuisine of a country can significantly influence one’s overall experience. For this reason, many people choose their destination based on their interests. Seafood lovers are in luck as these countries offer some of the most delicious cuisines on the planet. H If you have never had the pleasure of sampling any of these dishes, you’re missing out on a great experience.


While this list has many entries from the northeast and southwest, most of the best spots are located along the coast. Some entries deviate from this trend in either direction, and the northern half of the country tends to have more quality seafood places than the southern half. However, you can find a wide variety of seafood spots at low prices worldwide, making this list a helpful resource. 

If you’re traveling to California, try Crabby Bill’s, which has a family-friendly atmosphere. You’ll find great seafood at great prices at this family restaurant. While King’s Fish House is based in California, it also has locations in Nevada and Arizona. Its menu includes raw bar favorites, sushi, and a seafood origin list. Prices are also reasonable, so don’t feel limited by location.

Post Author: Amy Leonard