What Is The Best Type Of Cheeses To Make Mac And Cheese With?

Mac & cheese is one of the most classic dishes. With its cooked macaroni and cheese sauce, it is considered to be comfort food for many Australians and others around the world.

We all have tried different varieties of mac & cheese. Take a moment to think about the best one you have ever had. We might have eaten Mac & Cheese in the best restaurants, little diners and even just from the box but nothing beats homemade mac and cheese.

One thing that we all hate about Mac & cheese is a bad batch. One major mistake that we all often do when making it at home is choosing the wrong cheese. The cheese you use is essential for the taste and the texture of your mac & cheese.

The main qualities of cheese you are looking for is the melting ability and the flavour of the cheese. Not all cheese melts beautifully, some become grainy, and some are greasy when melted.

When it comes to flavour, it should not be too bland or too sharp. So, when you walk down the cheese aisle, it can be quite tricky to choose the cheese for mac & cheese.

No doubt cheddar is the most popular cheeses for mac & cheese, it has sharp flavours and melts easily. Your stomach will surely thank you when you make mac & cheese with cheddar.

But cooking is all about innovating and experimenting with new things. Most people have tried using single kind cheese, and the results are good. I tried cooking mac & cheese with Mexican shredded cheese, and the results were amazing.

Mexican Shred Blend is the combination of four kinds of cheese – Natural Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Asadero, and Queso Quesadilla. This blend is perfect for the base of mac & cheese.

Without cheddar, it is almost impossible to make Mac & cheese, and it gives the most familiar and sharp taste. Monterey cheese is very easy to love, it melts like a dream, and it becomes creamy. This cheese makes mac and cheese smooth and velvety. However, it does not have a sharp taste, but for the flavours we have cheddar. Asadero is the perfect melting cheese with a stringy texture. Quesadilla is also a creamy, smooth, semi-soft cheese which is right for mac & cheese.

All these four kinds of cheese make an excellent combination for mac & cheese. Try using Mexican shredded cheese when making mac & cheese and at home and you will be so impressed.

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Post Author: Amy Leonard